Our Story

Back in February 2020 I started out with a liking for making personalised mugs using a heat transfer method called sublimation. My business started of. very slow but sales started to come in, I worked at my shop adding different designs hoping someone would buy them.
I worked hard to try and get sales, intoducing new items, some sucessful some not, times were changing with Covid-19 and the UK was beginning to lockdown.
After a few very hard months things had picked up and things were going well then my partner had purchased a Himalayan Salt lamp, that's when things started to change. Being interested I then began to research these salt lamps and was amazed at the many health benefits these things can help a person with.
I then began to search for suppliers so I could help people to purchase these lamps at a low price compare to the prices some companies charge for them.

Looking for something to add a touch of class to your home?

We have a whole range of weights, shapes, sizes and colours of salt lamps for you to choose from. Why not take a look.

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