WElcome to a natural touch

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

Relax, soothe and create a welcoming environment in any space with A Natural Touch’s Himalayan Salt Lamp. Beautifully crafted to bring a decorative warm ambience, the lamp also provides a variety of health benefits by neutralising the air while enhancing the mood, concentration and alleviating symptoms of allergies or asthma.

Mother Earth

Transcending all in existence, Mother Earth rests, supporting the world as a pregnant belly between her bronzed decorated arms. Cascading over her shoulders and down her back, her hair is comprised of thick green foliage, adorned with intricate golden embellishments. The greenery shrouds her breasts which form the celestial Moon and Sun.

Mother Earth


My new favourite thing. The light is so relaxing and looks very chic on its wooden mount. Wish I had gotten the large one actually! The dimmer switch is genius, we have it really low at nighttime but we can have it on a nice glow in the evenings. Would highly recommend.